House Cleaning

A basic house cleaning is about cleaning all the key areas of your home from the bedroom to the kitchen and everything in between. This also includes any other rooms you have, including playrooms, home gyms, or offices.

During every service our team vacuums all carpets, rugs, and flooring. Any tile, wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring will be cleaned based on the needs of the material used. We dust, wipe, and clean all of the surfaces in the home. This includes furniture, counters, doorways, and decor.

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Instead of wiping away dust once it has all settled, our team will routinely dust surfaces and items to help reduce the presence of dust from the environment. We pay close attention to the areas in the home that commonly collect dust from:

  • Furniture, Shelves, and Decor
  • Window Ledges and Blinds
  • Lamps, Light Fixtures, and Ceiling Fans
  • Baseboards


Our cleaning experts will deliver vacuuming services that will help you never vacuum again! Whether you have carpet, rugs, or the dreaded carpeted stairs, you can rely on our team to provide vacuum services that help you get the most out of your space.


Not only does wiping down the surfaces in your home reduce the chances of dust gathering, but it can also give your home the clean look it’s been missing. Our team wipes down virtually every hard surface in your home to keep things clean and sanitary.

We Also…

Of course, we don’t stop there. Below are just a number of some of the other cleaning services we provide:

  • Clean Out Cobwebs
  • Tidy Shoes
  • Disinfect Door Handles and Light Switches
  • Mop Floors
  • Straighten Pillows and Linens

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, our teams bring all the necessary equipment and products needed to complete the routine and detail-clean scheduled.

All of our products are designed to be environmentally responsible. You can rest easy knowing that all of the cleaning products we use sub out harsh chemicals for green solutions that are safer for both children and pets.